FCC Phnom Penh Hotel

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The FCC Phnom Penh Boutique Hotel offers sweeping views of the Mekong River and all the comforts demanded of today's modern traveler.
The group's first venture, the FCC Phnom Penh, was first opened in 1993. Since, IAL has successfully launched restaurants in Yangoon, Myanmar, in 1995 and Siem Reap, Cambodia, in 2002.

The FCC is a member of the Indochina Assets Limited group, one of the most successful restaurant groups in Indochina.
Since opening its doors, the FCC has created a unique niche in the Cambodian restaurant industry, earning an unmatched reputation for fine quality dining.

With a passion for fusion cuisine, Clinton Webber, FCC group chef, has created the FCC menu, introducing generous flourishes of traditional Khmer flavors spiked with funky French influences. While the menu is still built on FCC main-stays such as beer-battered fish and chips, deli-fresh sandwhiches, and wood-fired pizzas, the heart of the menu remains a finely crafted blend of Asian, Mediterranean and Western-influenced flavours.

The Bar
The "F", as those know to frequent the big horseshoe bar call it, has served stiff drinks, camaraderie and comfort to a storied cast of journalists and diplomats, movie stars and intrepid travellers since 1993.

Back then, when The "F" first opened its doors, the bar gave shelter from the gritty and tense streets of the capital, where an uneasy peace was just taking hold. Writers and their sources traded secrets in the shadows. Diplomats drank their per diems, swapped social strategies and spilled their martinis.

Today, the bar still serves a stiff extra-dry, and the journos still pass through on the great hunt. The tension is gone. But there's still plenty of action, and the liquor, on occasion, still gets spilled.

Open Daily 7:00am - Midnight
Happy Hour 5:00 - 7:00pm

Events & Exhibits
what's happening at the FCC Phnom Penh

The FCC Phnom Penh hosts many events every month, including:

    -Live music
    -Photography exhibitions
    -Art exhibitions
    -Press conferences
    -Social media gatherings
    -Book launches

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    -Views of the Mekong River and National Museum
    -Spacious rooms
    -High-speed Internet
    -Located in the heart of the waterfront district
    -Close to riverfront nightlife scene

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